Innovative Information Collection

As a trusted partner to the U.S. intelligence community, Buchanan & Edwards provides specialized support services in intelligence collection management. By applying innovative techniques for intelligence collection, reporting and analysis, we help produce timely, focused and on-target results.

Our consultants work at government client sites to support ongoing operations on high-priority national security issues. These highly qualified personnel are experts in the intelligence reporting and requirements tradecraft. Whether it’s identifying information sources, assessing which information meets intelligence requirements, providing quality control and sourcing, or skillfully producing reports, our analysts are rigorous in their support of intelligence products.

In addition, we have extensive experience delivering training on intelligence collection and reporting requirements as well as cyber intelligence and information-sharing protocols. Our training is developed and delivered by senior experts with decades of real-world domain experience. They are supported by instructional design specialists with training certification. This combination of skills ensures compelling content development and continuous learning evaluation.

Buchanan & Edwards analysts are especially well-versed in the handling of technical portfolios, including cyber intelligence, surveillance technologies and nuclear technologies.



Go-to Partner for Collection Management Support

Buchanan & Edwards supports a national intelligence organization with qualified and cleared personnel with extensive expertise in intelligence collection management. Embedded with mission personnel, our collection management officers drive intelligence collection, evaluate foreign intelligence, and manage the dialogue between intelligence consumers and collectors. In this critical role, Buchanan & Edwards is known as the go-to company for personnel augmentation, training and innovation.